Physiotherapy sessions are generally planned to give you a cumulutive effect for treatment, but exactly how many will be needed for your condition is a very tricky question. How far will you walk if you take 10,000 steps. And the answer is it depend on a lot of factors also including you the patient. Generally the more intense the injury, the longer you have had the injury will mean more physiotherapy treatment is needed to make changes to your injury.

We will also have you factor in what your personal goals are for receiving physiotherapy, because some patients will simply want pain relief and this would be the first goals or marker for improvement in getting physiotherapy. But for some patient they will want to strengthen their body to prevent future injuries or re occurance, but this phase of physiotherapy treatment will take a bit longer. In each case is different depending on your treatment objectives. However you can rest assured that at MyHealth your Physiotherapist will discuss all objectives.

We have a philosophy of encouraging you to understand your problem and our treatment methods so that you are an active part in your own recovery. The more active you are in carrying out your part of the treatment protocol the faster recovery you will make. This is actually the most imporant part of recovery, active participation is crucial to a fast recovery. 

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