Yes absolutely. 

Patients suffering from most types of neck and low back pain are often referred for physiotherapy for eight to twelve weeks as an conservative (nonsurgical) treatment option before considering other more aggressive treatments, including back surgery. The goals of physiotherapy is to decrease back pain, increase mobility and function. And the patient will also learn techniques to save or spare themselves from future injuries. 

Two common forms of physiotherapy can include:

Passive Physiotherapy (modalities), these are done to the patient, and typically during the initial phases of treatment while the patient is in the most pain with their neck or back injury. These can include things such as heat application, ice packs and electrical stimulation. 

Active Physiotherapy, will focuses on specific exercises and stretching for neck and back . For most back pain treatments, active exercise is the focus later in a therapy program. It's important for each patient to participate in the active exercises to help strengthen  joints and muscle to help recover from back problems and prevent or minimize future flare-ups of low back pain. Physiotherapy is the treatment most trusted by MDs and Medical Specialists for back and neck pain.

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