On your first visit our Mississauga physiotherapist will reviews your injury or condition and plans a treatment program for you. This includes the following:

Your initial history will include questions about your present condition and health afterwards your physiotherapist assessment may include measures of:

Body Functions.
Strength and Weakness Testing.
Observed or instrumented Analysis of Gait.
Posture and Balance.
Joint Range of Motion.
Functional Movement.

Dress comfortably you are welcome to bring your own shorts. We offer shorts and gowns. We ask that you remove your shoes at the entrance so you may want to bring indoor shoes or slippers.  If you have any questions that our physiotherapy team might be able to answer for you, don't hesistate to contact our physiotherapy clinic located in Mississauga.

MyHealth Care Centre offers a free 15 minute telephone consultation with a physiotherapist to address this concern.




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Port Credit - Mississauga

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