Physical therapy has been proven and recommended for the management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to prevent joint damage and functional loss and to relieve pain. In addition patients that suffer from osteo arthritis (OA) can get help at our Mississauga Physical therapy clinic.  Our treatments are usually used in conjunction with other types of physical treatment including medications. It begins with an assesment by our physiotherapist that will examine, diagnose and treat to prevent at limitations to your functions in daily life.

Arthritis can limit your activities, but having physiotherapy in Mississauga can help you achieve better quality of life. We will want to minimize issues related to mobility and range of motion. Improving your bodies biomechanics when sitting, standing or even going up stairs will help reduce episodes of stiffness and reduced function.

Physical therapy can help reduce pain and inflamation in various areas including: 

Physiotherapy for Knee with Arthritis
Physio treatment for Hip with Arthritis
Treatment for arthritic hands / thumb
Physiotherapy for Arthritic in shoulder

Non-surgical and non-pharmacological treatments are recommended as the first line of therapy for shoulder, knee and hip osteoarthritis. Techniques such as exercise therapy and manual therapy may reduce pain and increase joint function in these disorders. If you would like more information about our Mississauga Physio clinic and the therapy we offer, please call or contact us.

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I have been visiting the clinic for Prenatal massages and it is amazing. Highly recommend Jonathan Leung, he is very knowledgeable and professional.
Very knowledgeable and caring , my therapist took time to make you feel better i would highly recommending...
I've been a patient at the Streetsville Clinic for several years with a complex ankle issue several other specialists did not understand. Dr. Evelyn Lock has...

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