Infertility & Reproduction

Infertility or reproductive problems are often treatable. Most people aren’t aware that male infertility is as common as female infertility. Causes of infertility include certain diseases and aging. However, infertility treatment with infertility drugs and high-tech procedures gives many women the chance to have a baby.

Symptoms of Infertility

  • not become pregnant after 1 to 2 years of trying.
  • "trying" means having unprotected intercourse an average of three times a week.
  • "absence of periods" is called amenorrhea.
  • secondary dysmenorrhea is pain caused by a disorder of the reproductive organs.
  • having miscarriage

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 106,000 Americans die per year due to the proper use of prescription medications, which emphasizes the value of natural, drug-free therapies. With regard to infertility, studies in the U.S. and abroad are showing promising results for the use of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in dealing with reproductive health matters. It's being shown to be safe, effective and non-invasive compared to standard medical approaches. Ask your doctor for more information.

One in six to ten couples experience problems with fertility.

Our infertility treatment is a highly effective method for people who are healthy, but unable to conceive. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are gentle and effective. Many women do not require fertility drugs or medically assisted reproductive techniques, yet they go through months of physical and emotional agony, not to mention the financial burden.

Acupuncture is safe, natural, cost-effective and has no side effects. We can help patients struggling with fertility to become stronger and help them create a healthier environment for a harmonious pregnancy. In addition, Acupuncture increases the likelihood of conception for those patients who opt for fertility drugs or medical assisted fertility techniques (up to 25% more fertile).

Research has shown acupuncture can rebalance the endocrine system which produces hormones. The energetic pathways (meridians) on which the acupuncture points are located can influence the internal reproductive organs as well as effect the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, that is responsible for ovulation and sperm production.

If you experience infertility or reproductive issues and would like to take a natural approach to health, we can help. Our mississauga acupuncture clinic has an approach to better health.

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