Stress and tension results because of years of abusing or neglecting your body and health (poor posture, accidents, lack of exercise, emotional stress, poor diet) can over time affect on your day to day life. The spine is particularly vulnerable and the dysfunction of its function can lead to musculoskeletal and organic complaints.

Long before you experience any symptoms or external signs of poor health, you will begin to cause imbalance in the body itself. Imagine, a tower that is supported by wires and braces, if the tension isn't correct in time it can begin to lean or worse it may collapse.  Our health care providers are trained to detect early signs of stress, and using spinal adjustments and other techniques, our team can treat many of the common problems we experience.

How Well do You Adapt to Stress?

Not all stress is bad. A 20-minute workout for a fit and trim 65-year old is good stress. The same workout for an out-of-shape 35-year old would likely be bad stress! You can do a self-check to see if you or a family member are showing early signs of stress having an effect on your health.

Depending on your bodies ability to adapt to stress, you will have a different reaction that others that experience the same stress. Whether your body considers stress good or bad is largely a function of how well it can accommodate it. Ultimately, this capacity is based on the condition of your nervous system.

Stress is part of everyday living. In fact, a stress-free life would be boring! Life is enjoyable when we have ample resources to experience and overcome the stresses we face.

If you lack the reserves to adapt to stress in a healthy way, it takes a toll. If your body reacts by “tripping a circuit breaker,” causing vertebral subluxation, chiropractic care is likely to help.
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How can stress affect my spine?

Think of your spinal cord as a guitar string. The greater the tension, the higher the note. Your nervous system has “tone” as well. With each stressor, your body tightens up, like bracing yourself for a tight curve on a roller coaster. The weakest joints of your spine are forced out of their normal position. Like the shrill notes from an over-tightened string, your body loses its capacity to respond to the full range of human experience. And ill health can result.


If you suffer from stress and tension and would like a natural way to recover, we invite you to our Mississauga clinics.


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