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Some people suffer from "Scoliosis" -- an abnormal curvature of the spine, one characterized by a rotational side-to-side deformity.  Although, everyone's spine or back has a natural front-to-back curve -- that's what produces the normal rounding of the shoulders and the sway of the lower back.

In simple terms, what this means is that the spine is twisted side-to-side, often taking on an "S" shaped appearance and even resembling a corkscrew.

  • Scoliosis can be from unknown causes termed 'idiopathic'
  • Sometime can be due to uneven stresses from sports or heavy backpacks
  • We can relieve undue pressure and tension on the spine and muscle.

Almost three out of every 100 people have a degree of abnormal spinal curvature, and for others it never becomes a serious problem. But for many others, the curve gets worse over time and can cause considerable back pain, frustration, and limitations on normal activities. Severe scoliosis can even complicate breathing and circulation.

The most common form of scoliosis is called idiopathic scoliosis, which basically means that the cause is unknown. Anyone can suffer from scoliosis; the condition usually begins in childhood, although too often it is not identified until the teenage years or later.

Scoliosis tends to run in families, and it affects many more girls. In fact, research indicates that girls are nearly eight times more likely to have scoliosis and five times more likely to require treatment for their condition, and the curvature of their spine in most cases will worsen over time, if left unattended.

Sometimes curvature of the spine is visible (the body tilts to the left or the right, or one shoulder blade is raised higher than the other. The actual physical symptoms of scoliosis can include back pain, fatigue (especially postural fatigue -- feeling tired when standing, sitting, etc.), and in more severe cases, problems with circulation and breathing. 

Our doctors are trained to identify and manage problems relating to the spine and the back. An initial visit to the chiropractor will include a thorough physical and diagnostic examination (including range-of-motion tests and spinal x-rays) to identify any problems you may be having, including whether you or your children may be suffering from abnormal or dangerous curvature of the spine.

Can Scoliosis Be Prevented? 

Scoliosis is tragic. It causes both physical pain and emotional suffering. This sideways bending of the spine shows up as abnormal posture and then finally, deformity. If allowed to advance, it can interfere with the lungs, heart and many other vital organs. 

There is hope.

In the beginning, when easiest to correct, there are rarely symptoms. However, an alert parent may notice that a high shoulder or low hip makes clothing fit poorly. Back and leg pains may develop but are often overlooked as merely "growing pains." Neglect is the biggest danger.

If allowed to run its course, scoliosis can steadily worsen. Early detection is critical. Severe cases can involve surgery. This procedure attaches steel rods to force the spine to straighten.

Our treatment has helped many young women avoid the unhappy effects of scoliosis. The procedure is simple.

First, a thorough examination helps detect scoliosis in its early stage. Then, corrective action can begin at once. The primary course of care is a program of specific manual adjustments and supportive exercises. These help improve the function and structure of the spine. Muscles strengthen. Posture can improve.

Scoliosis Chiropractic Care

If you do show signs of scoliosis, your chiropractor can provide a variety of techniques to help your condition, including spinal adjustments to increase movement and biomechanical function, and advice on posture and exercise to help prevent further increase in the problem.

We offer complimentary consultations so that you can discover natural solutions for your health.

Remember, help is near to home. If you are concerned about your scoliosis or having a curved spine. At MyHealth here in Mississauga you can count on us.  We look forward to evaluate your health and offer you the best treatment or alternatives. We are conveniently located in Streetsville and Port Credit Village in Mississauga.

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