Neck pain is a common complaint which will probably affect everyone at some point in their life. It is however, usually short-lived, lasting for just a few days at a time. More often than not a stiff neck is caused by muscular tightness. A muscle in the neck may have been strained (pulled/torn) or have gone into spasm. Levator scapulae is a common culprit.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Symptoms of foot and ankle osteoarthritis often include the following:

  • Tightness.
  • Decrease in range of motion.
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Pain may radiate down into the back or down the arms.

Causes of Neck Pain

Some causes of arthritis include,  but are not limited to:

  • Poor posture.
  • Repetitive neck movements.
  • Unusual neck positions (especially when sleeping).
  • Stress.
  • Sports activities.
  • Lifting weights.
  • Temperature.

Treatment of Neck Pain

Neck pain can get progressively worse if untreated, it is important to treat it via:

  • Rest from any activity that may have caused it.
  • Gently stretch the neck muscles.
  • Apply an ice pack (within the first 48 hours of acute pain).
  • Massage therapy is usually very effective in relaxing the muscles.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Chiropractic rehabilitation.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Heat therapy.
  • Cold therapy.

Preventing Neck Pain

Some preventative measures include:

  • Maintain a good posture.
  • Do not overexert your body.
  • When you are feeling pain, take a break.
  • Ensure a proper warmup and cooldown.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly.


If you suffer from neck pain and want a natural approach to health, we can help. Our Mississauga clinics have an approach to better health.

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