Back pain can result after years of abusing your body.  Poor posture, improper lifting and the lack of body conditioning make the back prone to injury. The lower back is particularly vulnerable and the dysfunction of its major joints can lead to painful results. Other pain-sensitive structures can be stretched, torn and distorted.

back painBack problems can be caused by an extraordinarily wide range of problems – some of them originating elsewhere in the body, but with pain being transmitted (referred) to areas of the back by the nervous system. Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention. It is the symptom that prompts most patients who get therapy. The majority of backache sufferers complain of pain in the lower back; the second most common site of discomfort is the base of the neck.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Restore full range of movement.
  • Create balance of muscles and joints.
  • Increase flexibility and strength.
  • Return to full sports specific fitness.

Virtually all human beings are subject to back pain and related problems. The fact that humans walk upright, on two legs, puts great pressure on the spine and muscles that support it. Over time, back pain is all but inevitable. Normal wear and tear, accidents, disease, and such bad "back habits" as unnecessary strain from overexertion at play or work (especially lifting, pushing, pulling, and reaching for things improperly), and poor standing and sitting posture result in both immediate and long-term back problems.

  • An aching pain that may be constant or come and go.
  • Pain may be on either side, both sides or in the middle. 
  • There may be pain in the buttocks or hamstrings as well.
  • A reduced range of motion.
  • Hypomobility (lower than normal mobility) along the spine
  • Muscle spasms in the lower back and buttocks.

Because there are so many causes of back pain and so many back pain conditions and injuries no single treatment programme is going to work for everyone. Some methods may work best for some people, most would benefit from a combination of treatment methods and approaches.

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