Long-term problems will result from any of these conditions if the proper treatment is not sought. Here are possible treatment options to give you an idea of how to help yourself and when to seek help from a professional.

  • Have your chiropractor adjust your feet. If you have never had your feet adjusted by your chiropractor before, you don't know what you are missing. Aside from helping to support your three arches by getting the bones to move back to where they should be, it feels great.
  • Ask your chiropractor about flexible, custom-made, three-arch foot inserts (custom orthotics). Since the connective tissue under your feet is now permanently stretched out to some degree, you need the support from now on. Once you get the inserts, wear them appropriately. You want to keep your feet stabilized so they don't get any worse.


  • Do exercises. Keep the underside of your feet loose by rolling a racquet- ball, tennis ball or golf ball under them. Thirty seconds, twice a day will help keep your feet more relaxed and stretched.


  • Get supportive shoes. Wearing a shoe that  fits properly and offers the best support will help keep your feet from overpronating.

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