You are making great progress. Will you continue to support you bodies health beyond the relief of symptoms, the care that you need to avoid a needless relapse? Or will you discontinue care once you feels better or your insurance coverage ends?

Learn why you can’t judge their health by how they feel. A quick reminder that few insurance policies cover true health care. Learn the consequences of discontinuing care.


You have an important decision to make. Will you use chiropractic as merely a temporary form of symptom relief? Or will you continue your care to maximize your health and help avoid your problem from returning?

It’s your choice.

Before you decide, consider the information on the following pages.

Caption: Make your decision wisely.

You can't judge your health by how you feel.

As a child you probably stayed home from school when you weren't feeling well. When you felt better, you returned to school because you were "well."

But how you feel is a poor judge of your health. Those with undetected cancer, hypertension, heart disease and even tooth decay are suffering from ill health without obvious symptoms.

When you're feeling better, it's tempting to discontinue your care. After all, our culture's wrong-headed notions about health support it. Yet, discontinuing care now could lead to a needless relapse.

Even public and private insurance schemes are based on the notion that health is how you feel. Few policies cover wellness or preventive care.

If you want what’s best don’t depend upon their limited vision. Instead, the care needed to complete your healing and help you stay well will be your responsibility. With visits less frequent during the later stage of your recovery, you’ll find continued care affordable.

Caption: Insurance and managed care plans rarely pay for true health care.


Without proper care and maintenance we can experience premature aging and a host of stress-related health problems.

You probably brush and floss your teeth. Eat nutritious foods. Get plenty of rest. These and other healthy habits can help you look, feel and be your best.

Include periodic chiropractic checkups as part of your routine. Having your spine and nervous system working at their best is essential for good health. Join the many other patients who report improved energy and vitality.

Caption: It's wise to maintain your skin, your teeth, your hair--and your spine.

Caption: Your health is your most valuable possession.

Think of all the people who depend on you.

Your health influences everyone you know and love. Invest in a program of regular chiropractic care so you can be the loving parent, the responsive spouse or the dependable employee.

One reason to continue your chiropractic care is simply because you're worth it!

We've seen some of our patients discontinue their care and then later suffer a relapse.

While we're happy to help these patients (again), we've often wondered if they could have avoided their problem with less cost and inconvenience by continuing their care in the first place.

It's up to you. Regardless of your decision, we'll help you achieve your individual health goals.

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